Aurum by Pitch, Please!

Aurum by Pitch, Please!


Our first full-length album has received FOUR recording award nominations from the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America!


1. Steppin' To The Bad Side
Solos: Tamani Jayasinghe & Jossica Ramin

2. Put The Gun Down
Solo: Briana DeFilippis

3. The Other Side
Solo: Rachel Smith

4. Starring Role
Solo: Emma Carleton

5. Islands
Solo: Casey Matsumoto

6. Howl
Solo: Callie Warnock

7. I Can't Make You Love Me
Solo: Emma Carleton

8. Comeback
Solos: Tamani Jayasinghe, Callie Warnock & Anna-Rose Schenerman

9. I Was Here
Solos: Julia Magnani, Briana DeFilippis, Carris Lahey & Callie Warnock

Recorded and edited by The Vocal Company, and mastered by Vocal Mastering.

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