Pitch, Please!

Northeastern University's Fiercest A Cappella Group


Pitch, Please! is the premier all-female a cappella group at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. These ladies aim to push boundaries and be a passionate and dynamic group that challenges the standards of traditional collegiate a cappella. 

Our Story

            Pitch, Please! was founded in the fall of 2012 by two Northeastern University students who were looking to create a competitive, professional-caliber, all-female group that challenged the standards of traditional collegiate a cappella. That spring, the group entered their first International Competition of Collegiate A cappella.  They established themselves as fierce competitors, placing first in their Quarterfinal in addition to taking the awards for Best Choreography, Soloist, and Vocal Percussionist. They ended their first competitive season as the 9th place group overall and only all-female group in the Top Ten that season.

            Continuing that momentum, Pitch, Please! went on to release their first EP Testify! in 2013, and competed in the ICCA Northeast Quarterfinals and Semifinals that year. In 2014 they were featured on Pop TV's docu-series Sing It On, and appeared on The View alongside John Legend. Later that year they went on to compete in Boston Sings' Scholastic Competition (BOSS), where they placed second received awards for "Best Soloist" and "Most Powerful Message" for their set about feminism.  The group's first full-length album, Aurum, was released in 2016 and was nominated for four Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards. In 2017, Pitch, Please! returned to the BOSS to further the discourse on feminism. They were thrilled to receive the award for  "Best Spoken Word"; the set was authored by Casey Greenleaf, Izzie Irizarry, Olivia Triplett. The following year, despite intense turnover resulting in a young and generally inexperienced group, Pitch, Please! took the ICCA by storm, placing 3rd at the Northeast Quarterfinal and receiving the award for "Best Choreography".

            Today, you can find Pitch, Please! performing at various venues in performances at Northeastern University, and across New England. They are always looking to fill their group  with talented, and empowered women seeking a place to perform at a professional level.

            Stay tuned for some new releases, and exciting projects coming in 2018!


22nd Annual Faneuil Hall Competition
1st Place, 2018

2017 Boston Sings Scholastic Competition
Best Spoken Word" Award (Authors: Casey Greenleaf, Izzie Irizarry, Olivia Triplett)

2016 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards
Winner, Best Female Collegiate Solo (Emma Carleton for "I Can't Make You Love Me")
Nominee, Best Female Collegiate Album (For Aurum)
Nominee, Best Female Collegiate Song (For "Starring Role" from Aurum)

2015 Boston Sings Scholastic Competition
2nd Place
Best Soloist (Emma Carleton)
"Most Powerful Message" Award      

2014 Best of Women's A Cappella Album
Featured Track ("What the Water Gave Me")

2013 CASA A Cappella Community Award
Co-winner (with University of Oregon Divisi) of Favorite Female Collegiate Group

International Competition of Collegiate Acapella
1st Place, 2013 Northeast Quarterfinal
3rd Place, 2013 Northeast Semifinal
3rd Place, 2013 National Wildcard
Best Vocal Percussionist, 2013 (Rachel Carron)
Best Soloist, 2013 (Allison Shepherd)
Best Choreography, 2013
2nd Place, 2014 Northeast Quarterfinal
4th Place, 2014 Northeast Semifinal
4th Place, 2015 Northeast Quarterfinal
 4th Place, 2016 Northeast Quarterfinal
3rd Place, 2018 Northeast Quarterfinal
Best Choreography, 2018



Sabrina Zho ‘22
Casey Greenleaf ‘20
Lexi Krigger '21
Isabelle Hahn '21
Annabelle Kearney '21
Sidney Gish '20
Sarah Maloney ‘20
Erin Burchfield '19
Julia Magnani ‘19
Izzie Irizarry ‘19
Jill Hubbard '19
Anna-Rose Schenerman ‘17
Casey Matsumoto ‘17
Emma Carleton ‘17
Carris Lahey ‘17
Hannah Bergam '17
Erica Serrano ‘17
Kara Kokinos '17
Kristen Starheim '17
Jaclyn Hunter '16
Jossica Ramin '16
Tamani Jayasinghe '16
Rachel Smith  '16
Briana DeFilippis '15
Leah Campbell '15
Callie Warnock '15
Rachel Carron  '15
Caitlin Morelli '15
Sarah Mele  '14
Allison Shepherd '13
Alexa Arena '13
Shams Ahmed  '13

Group Roster, Fall 2017

Mallory Brown

Ellen Dalen

Mackenzie Hunt

Jess Jha

Sydney Maloney

Julia Muhlenberg

Samantha Pike

Gayathri Raj

Lora Riehl

Katie Ryan

Moe Saha

Madison Strobach

Olivia Triplett

Rebecca Wallenstein